What is claims recovery optimization?
What is Claims Recovery Optimization?

Disadvantages in claim filing can arise in many ways and the greatest disadvantage can arise when claimants are not aware they are a party to a class action settlement. Overall, this can mean that money to your bottom line is being left on the table. Claims Recovery Optimization is the process that we apply to identify an unrealized opportunity and maximize its revenue to the greatest extent possible within the recovery process framework.

For example, even when class members are aware they are a party to a class action settlement, difficulties can arise due to the hurdles in filing properly. When claims are filed improperly it can significantly reduce your settlement amount or sometimes the claim can be completely rejected by the claim administrator. Claim administrators have certain defined obligations in the processing of each recovery and their job is to handle all claims in accordance to the rules they are tasked with.

Our experience has been that most class members typically have “one off” circumstances, unique issues or questions that can arise based on the scope of their claim. Self-filing under these circumstances can considerably increase the risk of the claim being rejected due to not having the knowledge or experience in resolving the given matter within the filing framework. Presenting claims data correctly can present challenges to class members and disadvantages can arise at this stage which can affect the size of the settlement or that can mitigate the validity of the claim. For every antitrust case, there are countless class members that are not equipped to overcome these difficulties and instead of receiving their settlement, they are receiving notice that their proof of claim is deficient. In addition to these common problems, class members can also be subject to the criteria for their proof of claim being changed after they have filed. If class members are not aware of these actions and amendments are not made accordingly, restitution can be greatly affected or denied.

CAR has a successful history of helping its clients avoid the missteps in claim substantiation. Our proprietary tools can expediently compile data to effectively manage cumbersome and unique situations that can arise in filing properly. Our experience makes us knowledgeable with respect to the many scenarios that can impede you from staking your claim and maximizing its value, which means greater Claims Recovery Optimization.