About us


Class Action Refund (CAR) is a leading claims management company specializing in the recovery of settlements with respect to Anti-trust, Finance, and other types of class action cases both domestic and abroad. With almost 16 years of experience in having managed various class member claims, including complex settlement recoveries, CAR is the firm whose client list encompasses both Fortune 1000 companies and multinational corporations. Our business model is also scaled to accommodate large and medium-size businesses, as well.

Our clients have entrusted us for adaptability to their specific needs, innovative solutions in identifying the data required for maximum restitution and efficiency in significantly reducing their time spent during the recovery process. We strive to ensure our clients are provided with superior customer service and minimum time investment. CAR has built many long-term relationships with its clients via our customized and unparalleled approach to each company’s individual needs. We discover and you recover.